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There's no secret to Label-form's success

Our longstanding and enviable reputation is down to repeat business and recommendations that stem from high standards in customer service. We help you find a cost-effective solution and pull out all the stops to deliver on time and on budget, without compromising on quality.

Don’t just take our word for it! See what our customers have to say...


Peter Lambert, Package Development Manager

Label-form have provided us with professional products and services for many years and have helped with many problems, often suggesting innovative and cutting-edge solutions. Product quality and timescales have always been excellent and they have always been reliable. I would hope that our relationship will endure.

Cookson Marketing

Franky Cookson, Cookson Marketing & PR - 5/10/17

I arrived at Label-form at 10.00am this morning, and left at 11.45am with my labels. They look great. They’re top quality. My client’s happy. I’m happy. Lovely job!
Thank you Label-form.

Crush Creative

Chris Pelling, Creative Director

Label-Form know labels, thats obvious from the first time you talk to them. They have loads of samples and aren't shy in helping you find what you need. They deliver on time and on budget, what more do you need.

Hydro Systems

Martine Ayres, Buyer Planner

We have a strong working relationship with Label-form and Hydro Systems receive a high standard of customer service.
Daily requirements and communication with your staff are handled efficiently and agreed delivery times are met between 99% - 100% of the time which is critical to our business model.
When dealing with the sporadic nature of our demands, I feel Label-form went the extra mile to help us meet a rather large spike in our demand and I hope any similar requirements in the future will also be supported by Label-form in the same way.

Natural Looks

Wendy Alkury, Natural Looks

Congratulations on 50 years of excellent work! We have enjoyed a great relationship and quality printing from Label-form Ltd for over twenty years. The Label-form team printed our very first cosmetic labels back in 1992 and due to their attention to detail, their flexibility and their prompt delivery we have continued to work with them right up to the present day. We find that they are easy to deal with, honest, ethical, reliable, clear thinking and understand our needs. We look forward to many more years ahead with them.


Roser Ruiz, Sourcing Manager

Label-form's professionalism, years of experience, flexibility and availability all contribute to making the process on our end stress-free and easy to manage, and they provide an excellent customer service. We never feel like just a number.


Tom Spencer, Supply Chain Manager

As a print management company, our suppliers are key to our success. Label-form's wealth of technical knowledge has helped us to gain an edge over our competitors and secure long-term business. Add to this their friendly, efficient manner and we have the confidence to use them with our most demanding customers.

Sico Europe Ltd

Peter Evans

You have a consistent track record of more than meeting our needs to the point where we know that once a project is in your hands, we can relax and let you deliver a high quality service and labels, on time and on price. In short, when you say you can do something, you do it!

SurgiChem Ltd

Mark Chadwick, Managing Director

With Label-form, we have not only use a supplier who is prepared to commit to contract, ensure continuity of supply and take on product improvements, but also one that is totally honest and utterly reliable, making them one of our most critical supply partners.

Treaties Ltd

Sharon Robers, Director

What a customer experience! From the first point of contact through to delivery and aftercare, Stewart truly knows how to deliver a great customer experience. There are few people in business who really understand the business of being in business. Label-form understand and are a great example for all businesses to follow and especially for their customers to experience. I was so impressed with ‘being kept close’, not to mention the expertise and advice from Stewart before I placed my first order. I have implicit trust in Label-Form and this is after my first order! Thank you Stewart. I look forward to working with you again.


Bob Austin, Typecase Limited

I have been associated with Label Form for about 25 years now. They have a special quality in customer satisfaction, always giving the answer you need, you do not get this very often in business these days. I have been in the print trade for 48 years now and I know what I want. I run a Print Management Company that always asks for tight deadlines and the very best of quality, this Label Form manage to do comfortably, if they have a task which is out of their realms they will find a solution to the problem somehow. They are always looking to expand their vast knowledge and are continuously investing in new machinery to cope with today’s demands in a fast moving world of technology. To say that I would recommend Label Form to any prospective client is an understatement, they will treat you like everyone else, and that is Very Special. They always achieve what you are looking for. It is easy for people to go elsewhere and try some new supplier, maybe because they seem cheaper, but you don’t need to with Label Form because the standards they set means you have no need to, you will always be satisfied.
I would like to congratulate Label Form on being in a very difficult business for 50 years, it is easy to see why they have been so successful whilst others have gone, and it’s all down to true professionalism.
Congratulations to a great team, Best Wishes to the next 50 years and more.