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Asset Identifications labels

Asset Identifications labels are used by companies, government departments, the NHS and other organisations to track their assets and to deter theft of their property. Manufactured using the highest specification material for asset identification labelling - top quality matt white ultra-destructible vinyl. The labels fragment into tiny pieces if any attempt is made to remove them. Objects with these asset labels applied cannot be substituted thereby deterring theft, making them perfect for all valuable office equipment.

The labels can be used inside or outside provided they are kept out of permanent direct sunlight. Based on 50 years of manufacturing labels, we know this material is by far the best for most asset label projects. 

Guaranteed to stick at room temperature. They must be applied to smooth, clean, dry surfaces free of moisture, dust, silicone/wax cleaners etc. and left for at least 24 hours for the pressure-sensitive adhesive to cure. 

Two standard size choices - 50x22mm or 60x30mm rectangles. However other sizes are available.

Printed using U.V. letterpress or hot foil plus thermal transfer techniques and supplied on rolls. Specific sizes are available upon request.

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