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Tactile Warning Labels & Braille

Label-form is a specialist in the production of self-adhesive labels with a raised tactile or Braille finish. This tactile effect is created using a special varnish.

European legislation requires that all substances readily available to the public are identified as ‘toxic’, ‘very toxic’, ‘harmful’, ‘extremely flammable’ or ‘corrosive’, and any aerosol propelled by butane must have a tactile warning label to alert the blind or visually impaired that they are handling a dangerous product.

The warning symbol is an equilateral triangle with 18mm sides produced by a special process to enable the mark to be raised above the label surface, similar to Braille.

The use of this tactile printing process on self-adhesive labels opens up a new market for your product that could set you apart from the competition. 
Label designs can also incorporate a tactile or embossed effect to make your design really stand out. This effect not only enhances shelf appeal but it can also be used to assist grip to products that are intended for use in wet conditions, such as bathroom products.

Specific text can be printed in Braille and incorporated either within a label design, or printed on top of an existing one. The clear Braille varnish will allow the main design on the label to show through.

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