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Markets & Services

From short runs of plain and printed stickers to millions of multicolour, laminated labels with metallic or holographic foiling, Label-form has the presses and the process to meet any requirement. Focussed on your business, we'll take the time to understand exactly what you're aiming to achieve. And because labelling is our specialist subject, we can interpret your needs and help you select the right materials, adhesives and printing techniques from many different options available to you.

  • Asset Identifications labels
    Manufactured using the highest specification material for asset identification labelling - top quality matt white ultra-destructible vinyl. The labels fragment into tiny pieces if any attempt is made to remove them. Objects with these asset labels applied cannot be substituted thereby deterring theft, making them perfect for all valuable office equipment. Learn More
  • Barcode, Code 39 & QR Code Labels
    Label-form specialises in the manufacture of all types of barcode and QR code labels.
    This includes variable information, consecutively numbered, 2D barcode labels and Code 39 labels. We are able to print consecutively numbered barcodes from a database or spreadsheet supplied. Learn More
  • Chemical Labels
    Label-form can supply labels for the chemical industry that comply with the latest regulations. Let us know your requirements and we will advise you of the best label for the application. We can also use processes and materials that are resistant to U.V. exposure, abrasion, water and solvents. Learn More
  • Consecutively Numbered Labels
    Label-form can produce your labels onto a wide variety of materials using consecutive numbers to suit your requirements, Consecutive numbers are perfect for keeping track of equipment, machine inventory or security seals and can also be combined with a barcode. Learn More
  • Cosmetic Labels
    Label-form has been supporting clients in the cosmetics and toiletries industries since the company opened for business five decades ago. This market is arguably one of the label industry's most interesting and challenging sectors. Cosmetics and toiletries labels are often highly sophisticated. They must be durable at the same time as being attractive, in order to convey important information to the consumer. Learn More
  • Digital Labels
    Digital label printing allows short runs of "process" colour labels. These labels allow for high quality printed photographic images through the use of conventional flexo, screen or letterpress printing. Digital printing allows for cost-effective product trials eg. 50 labels each of 16 different variants. Learn More
  • Embossed Labels
    Embossed labels make a truly lasting impression, whether they are incorporated within the label design itself or created to produce a 'blind' embossed effect. Label-form can emboss onto suitable self-adhesive materials. The impression can be combined with most of our printing processes. Learn More
  • Food & Drink Labels
    Label-form supply labels to some of the UK's most prestigious brands as well as independent producers. All of our self-adhesive labels are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 and BRC/IOP Food Technical Standard and comply with all food safety standards and regulations.
    Learn More
  • Hazard Warning Labels
    Hazard symbols on labels are recognisable symbols designed to warn about hazardous materials or locations. These symbols may appear with different colours, backgrounds, borders and supplemental information in order to signify the type of hazard. Learn More
  • Hot Foil Printed Labels
    Hot foil printing (also known as foil stamping) can be used as a standalone process or to enhance labels printed by another process such as screen, letterpress, digital etc. Learn More
  • Industrial Labels
    Label-form manufactures a wide range of durable labels for industrial use. ‘Industrial labels’ encompass many markets such as agricultural, automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, warehousing etc. Within each of these markets there are warnings which might include equipment instruction, asset, voltage or electrical warning and rating plate labels. Learn More
  • Paint Printed Labels
    A colour-matched label on the outside of a paint tin that gives a true representation of the paint inside a tin is costly when it is printed by conventional printing processes eg. letterpress, flexo, screen etc. Learn More
  • Security Labels and Seals
    Security labels are used to protect brands against counterfeiting, theft and tampering. We have years of experience in producing security labels in a number of formats. Learn More
  • Tactile Warning Labels & Braille
    Label-form is a specialist in the production of self-adhesive labels with a raised tactile or Braille finish. This tactile effect is created using a special varnish. Learn More
  • Window Stickers
    Window stickers are made from either self-adhesive (for permanent or semi-permanent use) or self-cling vinyl without adhesive (for peel and re-use). There are several options available for window stickers, including Self adhesive window stickers, Double sided self-adhesive window stickers, Self-cling window stickers and Digital Window Stickers. Learn More